"Presence" Exhibition / by John Bradley

Shanlin Ye Contemporary Chinese artist featured at Atrium Gallery!


Press Release: "We are celebrating Atrium's 30th Anniversary with a focus on the interaction that happens between artist, figurative work and the ensuing reaction, emotion and communication with viewers and collectors, reverberating with the dealers presenting these, and the connection back to the artist. This seems almost a magical triangle. While strong art works of many kinds can induce this effect, we feel figurative works do it most strongly and therefore have that as our focus for this anniversary exhibition. The intense pleasure that has come from the many exhibitions presented at Atrium and the strong supporting relationships with artists shown here - benefiting our gallery, and our followers, and collectors, have been defining characteristics of this gallery. Artists included in this exhibition reflect our continuing mission of showing a mix of national and international artists along with several regional artists, and specifically including artists of non U.S. origin. As with all of our exhibitions we feel the group interacts to strengthen the theme and supports new and different views of the artists' works." - ATRIUM GALLERY

Shanlin Ye Presence Exhibition