"On the Verge" Exhibit Opens June 17 at Jim Kempner Fine Art / by John Bradley

Shanlin Ye presents work from her Reflection and Day Dreamer Series at a show at Jim Kempner Fine Art opening June 17. Here is what Shanlin has to say about her two series of works: 

"Day Dreamer is a series of figurative works featuring unusual scenes of individual lives, each depicting a sweet secret, hidden desire or wild fantasy in dreamy color. I sought to express the natural beauty of the female body in exuberant moments of daily life. I invoked watercolor in an attempt catch these ephemeral moments just as a sun-catcher does its work."

"Reflection is a series of works that explores the mysteries of the human face. These works are not about seeking realism or perfection, but rather the opposite: the coarse, imperfect, broken and aberrant. The portraits seek to engage emotions hidden from view, to reveal unseen and unexpressed parts of the human experience. I enjoy using watercolor for these images, as I am fascinated by the way color and water dance on paper, fluid and ungoverned, like a poem. Creating each portrait is a spiritual communication—I hope the viewer, too, can find a way to communicate with the personalities in these works. Perhaps, when you look at these faces, you will find some part of yourself: desire, vulnerability, toughness, rebellion."

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