MOMA's Akili Tommasino: Paperworks 2017 Winners Exhibition / by John Bradley

Juror's Statement by Akili Tommasino, Curatoral Assitant, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): 

"Paperworks 2017 presents the achievements of an array of artists producing work on, with or about paper today. The exhibitors, who hail from across the United States, master a diversity of artistic mediums: drawing, printmaking, photography, collage, sculpture and video. Conventional illusionism and geometric abstraction coexist in exquisite drawings, prints and collages. Meticulously crafted woven, embossed or cut-paper compositions produce gracefully complex patterns. Sculptural uses of paper - in the round or as relief - subvert expectations, assert paper's architectural properties, and straddle humor and conceptual rigor. Highly individual visions are expressed poetic configuration manifest in photographs, watercolors and video. Digitally generated or manipulated imagery evinces the tremendous impact of in technology on art in all mediums. Whether the material features as support or subject, these selections demonstrate the vibrancy and diversity or artistic practices incorporating paper."

Shanlin Ye Winner Contemporary Artist